Ancient Yoga Philosophy and Practice

A full day seminar exploring the original knowledge and practice of  Yoga in the light of consciousness, science and physiology is coming to Sangha Yoga Studio. The following is a sneak preview of what will be explored in this rare opportunity…

Yoga is Unity.  Though in the modern Yoga world, what that Unity is or means is little understood.  There is very little practical understanding, and therefore teaching, of how Unity translates into the current experience of modern Yoga (or how the cultivation of Unity directly transforms daily living reality in all fields of human life).

The oft quoted modern definition of Yoga as the  “integration of mind, body and spirit” is not only woefully inadequate but is only marginally inspiring at best. At its worst it is thoroughly misleading, and potentially damaging to this most exalted field of human knowledge.

Yoga properly understood and properly practiced provides a systematic means for unfolding full human potential and evolution.  The full potential of human evolution is unbounded in nature. It is inclusive of total enlightenment on the one hand and daily happiness, productivity and improved health on the other.

Yoga has its source in the Ancient Vedic Tradition of pure knowledge, which is many thousands of years old. Though we will dive deeply into “proper” Yoga practice as revealed by Patanjali in the ancient Yoga Sutras, this seminar on Yoga will go way beyond just Yoga Asana. The aim of this inquiry is to reveal the real impact and purpose of Yoga for human evolution. In this full day seminar you will gain a profoundly distilled insight into both the theoretical and practical side of Ancient Yoga Darshana including:

  • A clear and systematic understanding of the real goal of Yoga: Full Enlightenment in higher states of consciousness and its corresponding impact on physiology and health.  This will include a systematic survey of 7 states of human consciousness outlined in Vedic Yogic Science and how they systematically unfold in the development of the highest state of Unity in life – total Enlightenment. This is a supremely practical path of human development that when understood and practiced begins to have an immediate transformational impact on mind and body.
  • A mostly overlooked or missing element of proper Yogic practice and how Maharishi Patanjali and other great seers of the ancient Yogic tradition described this missing element as the very source, course, and goal of Yoga. This will include how consciousness in its simplest and purest form is the supreme mover of life and is far more powerful than the body in its role in perfecting Asana. We will cover the role of consciousness, Prana and the concepts of subtle and grosser levels of the body in proper Yoga knowledge and practice.
  • A clear understanding of the importance of Transcendence as the very definition of Yoga and how it brings realization to the ultimate goal of Yoga. You will learn how simple natural Transcendence creates the most transformational effect in mind and body and has an immediate positive impact on daily living. This will include how to reduce and eliminate the deepest rooted stress in the nervous system and unfold total brain functioning for unlocking your full mental potential.
  • Exploring Yoga and life from 2 perspectives: modern science and ancient Vedic Yogic Science, and how they use different language to describe the same reality as the basis of all mind and matter. We will explain how the modern scientific perspective of Quantum Physics explores and reveals that Unity is at the basis of all outer diversity of life. How the universe, which includes your physiology, is essentially congealed consciousness.  Correspondingly you will discover how the ancient subjective means of gaining knowledge, ancient Vedic Yogic Science, describes the same reality in remarkable detail.
  • A scientific understanding of the full range of the mind and its corresponding layers of physiology, from superficial diversity to fundamental Unity. How this fundamental Unity is a field of pure intelligence and the home of all the laws of nature according to modern Quantum Physics. How from the Vedic perspective this fundamental field of unified natural law creates and administrates the universe.  And finally, how life can be lived in accordance with total natural law through proper practice and understanding  of Yoga as it was originally intended in the ancient Vedic Tradition of knowledge.

Instructor Mark Cohen received his PhD in Vedic Science from Maharishi Vedic University in the Netherlands and his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies and Psychology from Maharishi University of Management. Additionally Dr. Cohen has taught and practiced Transcendental Meditation®, and spoken on Maharishi Vedic Science throughout the world for 44 years.

Sunday, May 1st, 10am – 5pm

To Register call (706)613-1143. Deadline is April 27th/  Tuition: $108 

Sangha Yoga Studio  834 Prince Ave/ Athens, GA 30306

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