We sell a good bit of Neprinol AFD at Remedy Herb Shop here in Athens, GA. Though it’s not a plant, this Arthur Andrew product is natural, non-toxic, and impressively effective for mitigating a broad spectrum of maladies…everything from high cholesterol and blood pressure to inflammation and indigestion.

So what is it? It sounds like a pharmaceutical, but it is not! Neprinol AFD (Advanced Fibrin Defense) is a blend of essential systemic enzymes including: serrapeptase, nattokinase, protease, lipase, bromelain, papain, rutin, amla, and the enzymatic cofactors CoQ10 (ubiquinol) and magnesium. Some of these come from foods, like bromelain from pineapple or rutin from buckwheat. Others are made in labs using fungi. Cofactors are things needed to make enzymes work.

What’s an enzyme? Well, life would not exist without them. Enzymes are the catalysts that allow chemical reactions to take place. They are involved in every bodily process. A body with efficiently working enzymes is able to break down toxins, clear waste, and unlock the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from the foods it ingests. If you are eating healthy foods but have deficient enzymes, you might as well be eating cardboard. Enzymes allow for the absorption and assimilation of the things we need, and the removal of the things we don’t need.

Enzymes are everywhere. Some are found in the gut (digestive enzymes) and others in the blood (systemic enzymes). When taken on an empty stomach before bed, Neprinol provides a powerful yet gentle rush of systemic enzymes (though if you took them before a meal, they could work as digestive enzymes as there is some enzymatic overlap). These enzymes move through your bloodstream, reaching every system and leaving peace and harmony in its wake- seriously! Neprinol’s blend of all-natural enzymes and antioxidants breaks down potentially harmful molecules circulating in the blood.

Put simply, when stuff is in the blood that shouldn’t be there, your circulatory system gets backed up and can’t nourish your organs like it is built to do. Illness can erupt either in acute moments (a stroke) or gradually, inconspicuously over time (more common and more deadly), which eventually leads to acute situations. Let’s break this down:

-If you have digestive issues and inflammation in the gut, food particles can seep into the bloodstream, causing inflammation and confusion. Confusion arises because bodies aren’t supposed to have food particulates in the bloodstream. When bodily confusion happens, our immune system either gets exhausted or starts misfiring and attacking itself… and so begins the myriad of auto-immune diseases: arthritis, allergies, lupus, fibromyalgia, etc.

-Picture the interior of your blood vessels as your skin. What happens when you get a cut? A scab forms. This scab is a lovely defense mechanism, but it is bumpy and of a lesser quality than your original smooth skin. Now apply this same mechanism to the interior of our vessels. A good circulatory system functions like an unclogged plumbing system. The smooth tubes allow for blood to rush through and effortlessly flow to its destination. It’s hard to imagine, but our blood is flowing at an incredibly fast rate within these precious, tiny tubes. Even if you don’t have a ton of food particulates and clunky waste molecules circulating through your system, nicks and abrasions occur on a daily basis. If you feed your body the proper raw materials, rich in Vitamin C, you body is able to patch itself up like new. If you aren’t getting the proper nutrients, your body can’t fix these abrasions fast enough. In such a case, your body starts producing a lower quality “patch”, and the elastic, strong integrity of your vessels goes to the wayside. Now, you have a situation of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries because they are no longer flexible and resilient) and the potential for heart attack and stroke to occur(because of all the lesions causing a road-block in your blood stream).

As you can see, an inefficient circulatory system can lead to major issues down the road. By and large, the majority of illness and disease today is the result of chronic, inflammatory conditions. Most humans in the modern world are flowing along through life in relatively okay health until all of the sudden, something goes wrong. Your doctor tells you that you have cardiovascular disease or arthritis or you need to go on statins. These all-too-common issues are the result of chronic, inflammatory conditions that pass right below the radar. We must take control of our health every day and realize that we are in control of our bodies. Taking a product like Neprinol, coupled with an active lifestyle and a diet rich with organic veggies and no sugar or processed, refined foods, will keep you off a wide assortment of common pharmaceuticals. As it helps your blood flow more naturally, if you are on any sort of blood-thinner (Coumadin, Aspirin, etc.), consult with your physician before taking Neprinol.

Neprinol AFD (500mg) 90 caps $53.50

Always consult with a physician before starting any health regime. Remedy Herb Shop does not claim to diagnose or cure any disease. Our work is not evaluated by the FDA.