Amma Satsang

MONTHLY SATSANG: The 1st Sunday of EVERY MONTH at 5:30pm *oh hold until the coast is clear*
FREE and Priceless.

Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning a close association or companionship with a Self-Realized Soul. It can also refer to discussion or hearing of spiritual truths expressed by Self-Realized Masters. In the scorching heat of worldliness, being in the presence of a Master or a Master’s teachings is like a cool breeze in the shade of a huge tree. Although Amma is the inspiration for this particular gathering, devotees of all traditions are welcome.

Please join us as we gather with some of Amma’s longtime devotees for an inspiring evening of prayer, puja (sacred ceremony) and song. We oftenIMG_20150117_194748398 begin the evening with a short video of Amma or her teachings, followed by a little song (bhajans/kirtan), meditation, and Aarati. In Sanskrit, the word arti – written as aarati – is composed of the prefix aa, meaning complete, and rati, meaning love. Aarti is thus an expression of one’s complete and unflinching love towards the Divine. It is sung and performed with a deep sense of reverence, adoration, and meditative awareness.

Amma (Mother) has physically hugged more than 34 million people from all parts of the world. Her tireless spirit of dedication to uplifting others over the past 38 years has inspired a vast network of charitable activities through which people are discovering the beauty and sense of peace that comes from selflessly serving others. We hope that you will join us in immersing ourSelves in the nectar of devotion and bringing boundless love to life here in Athens!

(It is customary to bring an offering to the symbolic feet of the Master…whether that be Amma or to whomever you bow, and offerings often include incense, flowers, fruit…whatever you would offer the Divine. Please know that this is not a requirement, just a tradition.)

For more information, please see the organization’s website at or call Meghan Madhavi Burke at (706) 613.1143


Community/Open Meditation

EVERY MONDAY 4-4:45pm in Sangha Yoga Studio

Uma Rose and the Healing Arts Centre are bringing the community this donation based opportunity because we believe that the world feels like a better place when one meditates. Not only are we emitting peaceful vibes when we meditate but by being still and silent we are also bringing balance to a busy, chaotic world. And with a Ph. D in Meditation, Uma can give you a long list of the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of meditation!

This weekly Community Meditation is designed to help guide us into stillness and silence and is accessible to all levels-a welcoming experience for beginners and seasoned meditators! We will converse about Mindfulness as well as exploring silence. Don’t be intimidated, we will not be meditating for 45 minutes (unless you want to).
Uma Rose, Ph.D, has been teaching meditation for over 48 years. Uma was personally trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and continued her training in India under the guidance of Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma).
You can enjoy a “sit” with Uma on Sangha’s Youtube channel anytime:

Past Events

Historic Athens Porchfest at the Healing Arts Centre

Join us on Sunday, October 15th, 2023, as seven historic neighborhoods come to life with over 200+ local performers. Admission is free, and the Healing Arts Centre is thrilled to host NIGHT FEVER at 1pm and The Original Screwtops at 4pm!


LIVE MUSIC Ecstatic Dance!

Live Music Ecstatic Dance Experience with vocalist, beatboxer & live-looper, Cornflower is an all-improvised, all-vocal, live-looped, soul-activating Live Music Ecstatic Dance.

🎟️ Admission $25 (ages 13 and up)
(706) 613-1143

Doors @ 6:30pm/ Event @ 7:00pm

The Evening will include:

  • Yoga warm up
  • Opening Circle
  • Ecstatic Dance w/ Cornflower
  • Closing Circle

→ YOGA warm up

Generate presence, fluidity, and warmth in this 30-minute yoga practice to prepare for the dance. Open the gateways of illumination & insight through elemental patterns of movement and breath. This movement primes the body for a harmonious & ecstatic dance practice.


Cornflower, the genre-bending vocalist, live-looper, beatboxer, and sound alchemist creates a series of all-vocal sonic landscapes and songs that build from stillness, then grow and expand and elevate into an ecstatic dance of music and movement medicine and then weave the music back to stillness completing with a sound meditation that supports reflection, connection, presence, and embodiment.

Cornflower has brought his Living Music Dance Medicine Experience to Ecstatic Dance communities across the United States… and soon to a the HEALING ARTS CENTRE!

“This man’s music and heart will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! Do yourself a favor and put some time aside and breathe this beautiful music in.” — Jeff Pevar – Guitarist, Instrumentalist & Producer (David Crosby, Ray Charles Orchestra)

“Cornflower is a truly divine, loving soul whose attunement to his audience turns the ordinary into an alchemical celebration of open hearts moving into a lyrical expression of jumping feet, flowing arms, and true “perma-grins” of bliss. His amazing vocal talents plus a loving passion for harmonious, healing vibrations come through his deep bass, bouncing rhythms, and very soulful melodies, singing beautiful words. I’m still in awe of the variety of both mystical and “real” sounds that resonate from Cornflower’s mouth, and in awe of the journey he opened for us. GIFT YOURSELF this LIVING opportunity!” — Lisa Diane, (HeartBeat Ecstatic Dance, Mt Shasta, CA)


→ Standard Ecstatic Dance Guidelines apply (and then some):

  1. Ecstatic Dance is freeform movement—without verbal guidance—to dance in whatever ways feel good to you. Dancing solo or with partners is equally welcome (consensual dancing only.)
  2. Ecstatic Dance seeks to build community connection in many ways, including circling together at the opening, mid-dance, and/or closing of dance, however, please no hanging out or smoking (of anything) in the parking lots.
  3. No colognes or perfumes, but please wear clean clothes and bless us with good personal hygiene (you are worthy!)
  4. No children or pets
  5. Please participate as a dancer – not as a performer or spectator.
  6. Please arrive on time, participate in the opening circle, and stay for the closing circle.
  7. Please no conversations on the dance floor. If you want to talk with someone go outside to the lobby or outdoors.
  8. Ecstatic Dance is held to support a safe, healthy, clear-minded space (No alcohol or drugs; everyone is expected to move with awareness & care & respect; no scents; no shoes except as needed for medical reasons)
  9. Please remove shoes when entering (or change into your special dance shoes)
  10. Ecstatic Dance is held free of social distractions (no conversations, no cell phones, no photography, no videos)
  11. You must honor your own boundaries and the boundaries of others at all times. Always get consent when connecting.
  12. Please leave your clothes on at all times.

Cornflower’s sound emerges from the moment connecting you to your Soul. His voice calls us deeper into Presence utilizing modern mantra-like lyrics upon a landscape of vocal loops, he builds layers and dimensions of harmony and groove like a sonic tapestry into an anthemic chant to set your body ablaze in movement and prayer.

With influences ranging from Phish to Michael Jackson and Al Jarreau to Björk, Cornflower’s music is a mix of experimental vocal soul, world-funk, jam & electronica layered over a delicate balance of structure and improvisation.

Cornflower has shared stages with the likes of Michael Franti & Spearhead, Bobby McFerrin, Victor Wooten, Jeff Pevar, Ayla Nereo, Mike Love, DJ Drez, Indubious, Desert Dwellers, The Everyone Orchestra, Zach Gill of ALO, Dubconscious, Signal Path, LYNX, Jamie Janover, Jai-Jagdeesh, Fanna-Fi-Allah, Jaime Janover, Alcyon Massive, Shamans Dream, EntropyFunk, Scott Huckabay, Sol Seed, Yoga with Janet Stone, scientist and author Nassim Haramein, and best-selling authors Gary Zukav, Linda Francis, Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, James Twyman, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

After his debut album “Journey Into Sound” in 2009, his newest release “Explorations, Vol. 1”, “You Are The Medicine feat. Indubious” & “Monks on Main Street” are his most potent material to date. ⨳


Sunday, October 8th

Restorative YOGA with Live Sitar Music followed by a Hindustani Indian Classical Music CONCERT

Sunday, October 8th

Restorative YOGA with Live Sitar Music from 3:30-4:30pm.

Hindustani Indian Classical Music CONCERT from 5-6pm.


Suggested donation: $20 per event, or $35 for both. There will be appetizers and wine bar for the concert (snacks for those doing both events).PLEASE pre-register/pre-pay by 10/6 if possible so we can have enough provisions for everyone…thank you.
(706)613-1143 or

Restorative YOGA Flow to live Classical Hindustani Sitar music: All are invited to Relax and Rejuvenate to the soothing sounds of a live sitar performance integrating gentle flow yoga. No yoga experience necessary.

Join Lynn and Jimmy Wolling of STRING of the HEART for a multiple sensory experience with the sounds of a meditative, groovy sitar. The live music shall infuse a gentle flow yoga practice, embodying stationary and moving sound waves and yoga postures.

We will begin with restorative movements to the soothing sounds of melodic improvisations to set the mood. Plucking seven strings with a plectrum vibrates and resonates this unique sound. The thirteen sympathetic strings vibrate along with the plucked strings creating this distinctive harmonious sound that pulls at the strings of your heart. As the tempo increases we will move into a gentle flow integrating slower paced movements.

We will focus on alignment, balance, strength and flexibility for the physical body. The mind will focus on spatial orientation stimulating the hippocampus a/k/a the map reader of the brain. Good spatial orientation includes visual, auditory and vestibular sensory inputs to balance mind, body and spirit. Sitar sounds are noted for evoking diverse emotional responses that have been scientifically confirmed to promote healing and relax your mind, body and soul. The sitar’s unique sound and yoga practice are filled with elements of nature, relaxing and strengthening postures, pranayama, meditation and sounds that stir and calm the soul.

Looking for that extra shot of equilibrium? Come see, hear and feel in a new dimension! The yoga class will be followed by: Hindustani Indian Classical Music CONCERT from 7-8pm: Sitar and Tabla for a true journey into the soul!


Monday, Oct. 2nd


with Rebecca Shah!

Monday, Oct. 2nd 5:45-6:15pm

Cost: Free, and priceless.

Laughter is contagious. What begins as fake laughter for some soon turns into real laughter. The body cannot distinguish the difference between real and simulated laughter. As long as you engage your diaphragm, you will benefit.
Laughter Yoga: reduces stress, promotes cellular renewal, bolsters the immune system, boosts energy, oxygenates the blood, removes carbon dioxide from the lungs and helps concentration and confidence. Laughter is a universal language that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Laughter Yoga was founded by Dr. Madan Kataria of India in 1995. As of 2020, Laughter Yoga can be found in over 110 countries with over 20,000 Laughter Clubs. Research found an array of benefits for mental and physical well being. Laughter Yoga is endorsed by AARP, Cancer Centers of America and the Mayo Clinic.

Rebecca Shah is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and has been leading workshops in Atlanta to max capacity audiences…we are so lucky to have her introduce Athens to this joyful opportunity!
Curious about Laughter Yoga: (official website)

Yoga and Live Mantra Music

EMBODIED BLISS! Friday, September 8th/ 7-8:30pm
Join us for slow flow and restorative yoga with live mantra music. Open to a deeper experience of your grounded, blissful nature!

Gina Minyard and Gershone Hendelberg have more than four decades of practice, teaching, and experience between them in yogic arts and bhakti bliss. Together, they commit their body, mind, heart, breath, and voice in service to the Most High and the majesty of its manifest expressions. In their offerings of yoga, music, meditation, kirtan, and satsang, they invite others into the grounding, elevating, and ever-expanding process of tuning their own divine instruments, and to come together in transformational alchemy, joyful communion, sacred embodiment, and ecstatic celebration.

Cost: $30
Please pre-reserve, space is limited.
Fb message (Healing Arts Centre) or or
share your voice (706)613-1143.
We look forward to shining with you!



JULY 14-16th, 10am-5pm ET

In this three-day intensive we will learn both ritual framework and embodied skills for connection and discernment with supportive spirits and your own wise ancestors of blood and bone.

Who Is This Intensive For?
This Intensive is for anyone seeking meaningful ways of connection with the animate world which includes the other than seen forces and the ancestors. It is for those who bring heart awareness, presence, and willingness to explore these restorative ways of healing in connection with the wider field of relations, seen and unseen.
Coming into a direct relationship with our helping spirits and elevated ancestors can be a potent source of support for transforming intergenerational and collectively held trauma. Through relational repair with the unwell dead, we transmute felt harms, we reconcile with the elder powers, and claim lineage blessings that may have been inaccessible creating clarity of purpose, destiny and nurturing good character.

The structure for our three-day intensive is one that is psychologically grounded, ritually safe, and culturally inclusive, led by Shannon Willis. Those new and seasoned in relation to animism and ancestor work are all warmly welcome.

Your Facilitator:
Shannon Willis, M.Ed is dedicated animist and ritualist, helping others achieve clarity, connection and rootedness through the exploration of liminal landscapes of the seen and unseen. Through heart-centered ritual aimed at re-establishing balance and personal sovereignty, and through deeping the pathways of connection within the wider web of relations, her work is found at the intersection of dream midwifery, oracular mediumship, ritual and ancestral reverence.
For over 30 years she has committed her life to partnership with others in transforming trauma and cultural wounding for both the living and the dead. She has a Masters degree in Professional Leadership and Counseling with a focus in Jungian and Gestalt modalities, is the founder of Red Earth Healing, a student of Yoruba culture as an initiate of Ọbàtálá, and Ọ̀ṣun, in the lineage of Olúwo Fálolú Adésànyà Awoyadé from Òdè Rẹ́mọ. making pilgrimages to work with elders in West Africa. She is a devotee of Nepali shamanism under the tutelage of Bhola Nath Banstola and other diverse indigenous paths of her ancestors. She is a certified practitioner and teacher of Dr. Daniel Foor’s Ancestral Lineage Healing method and is the Practitioner Network Ritual Director for Ancestral Medicine.
She lives on the historic lands of the Creek/Muskogee Peoples in Athen, Ga. Her recent and older people of blood and bone hail from the British Isles, France, West Africa and Cherokee and Kaskaskia/Illini nations
For more information and details visit

Sunday, February 12th

Self Love Celebration with Lexa Tavernier


Join us as we make our Hearts the guests of honor and gather in ceremony to share cacao, sound, and energy to create a safe container for deep nurturing of the heart, mind, body and soul.

PLEASE RSVP by 2/10 so we can have all that we need for you.
(706) 613-1143 OR OR Fb message. $35-55 sliding scale of generosity, and you can pay afterward. public facebook link

The sounds produced by Crystal Tones alchemy singing bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body, with certain tones affecting your energy centers for activation, creativity, healing, balancing & meditation. Cacao is a gentle yet powerful plant medicine that invites us to become more fully embodied as it teaches us how to let go of the ways we are holding ourself back. When used in a ceremonial setting, the benefits are exponential. Gentle yoga stretching will assist us in integrating our experience throughout this self-lovefest.

1 HR Chrystal Alchemy Sound Bath-
The sound waves from the bowls shift the brain wave states into Alpha, Theta and Delta waves where healing, meditation relaxation, deep rest and renewal take place. The healing frequencies from the bowls help to balance the hemispheres of the brain which leads to feelings of deep inner peace. In addition to these benefits, sound healing also helps to relieve chronic pain, migraines, reduce stress and anxiety, improve quality of sleep and enhance overall feelings of health, well-being and happiness.When the body’s messenger system becomes overworked, stress levels rise. Prolonged elevated stress hormone levels can affect bodily function and ultimately lead to disease and illness if left unchecked. Restore balance in your body by allowing the healing sound vibrations to shift your brain wave states and create space for enhanced immune function, mental clarity and emotional resilience. Allow yourself the time and space to engage in self-care while you lay back, relax and soothe your mind, body and soul.

Cacao Ceremony-
Within the container of ceremony you will:
• Learn a bit of background info about cacao
• Connect with cacao and the essence of the plant medicine through meditation.
• Be given a mug of cacao to sip throughout our time together
• Integrate breath work, guided meditation, meditative journaling and group sharing (if you feel called). Cacao not only offers medicine and healing at the spiritual and energetic level but it also offers great physical benefit as well. Carrying impressive amounts of antioxidants, nutrients and neurochemicals that promote bliss, restoration and self remembrance. Integrating this plant medicine into a weekly routine, amplifies its benefits and allows for the continual unfolding and anchoring of the healing properties.
Cacao facilitates:
-Heightened somatic awareness
-Access to our body’s wisdom
-Emotional release and processing
-Integration of lessons and teachings
-An activation of remembering and access to self- knowledge
-Opens and clears creative and energetic channels.

Facilitator Lexa Tavernier is a brain cancer survivor who is inspired by her own healing and uses that as motivation to help others heal. She is a passionate, nurturing soul who specializes in Holistic stress reduction through Energy Healing, Yoga, Mediation, Herbalism, Sound Healing, Somatic Trauma Work and the art of gemstone resonance. She has a compassionate love for all of humanity and has an insatiable drive to share practices that help people heal their nervous system.

Thursday, Feb. 2nd / 7:30-9pm

Sound Healing w/ Kennedy Oneself

This is a Sound Healing like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Kennedy weaves vibrations so fluidly people often imagine he has six arms. Participants in this voyage through vibration simply lay down and relax. When we listen with conscious alertness, simply noticing the melodically pulsating conversation of harmonic frequencies, we can experience a deep serenity that lingers long after the last sound. These sonic symphonies are designed to be a foundation for our journey towards greater wellness of spirit.

Come be bathed in the sounds of Didgeridoos, Handpan, Asian Harp (Guzheng), crystal & tibetan singing bowls, Gongs, Flutes (Chinese, Indian, American, Harmony, Drone), Shruti Box, bells, Kalimba, Unity Harp and more.

Limited audience, must pre-reserve: (706) 613-1143 or or
Fb message. $25-$45 sliding scale of generosity.
Listen to the album, music videos & learn more at:


Friday, Jan. 27th / 7:30-9:30pm / free and priceless

Bhajans (Devotional Singing) with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya

Please join us for a soulful bhajan evening led by Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya and utilize this time to dive deep within, connect with ourselves, and unburden. This event is FREE and all are welcome.

The evening will consist of:
* Brief guided meditation to center
* Chanting names of the Supreme
* Bhajans (devotional singing)
* Arati and Prayer for World Peace

Br. Rāmānandāmṛta Chaitanya is a monastic disciple of Amma, one of the greatest humanitarians of our time. Br. Ramanandamrita directs Amma’s organizations and its activities in the eastern US and Canada. He travels around the US and Canada conducting satsangs in various cities; delivering talks at Universities; sharing Amma’s message of selfless service and love; and travels with Amma around the world. He has written and composed many devotional songs (bhajans) and his melodious voice can often be heard alongside Amma’s during many bhajans. One can feel the divine grace flow through his soulful singing.


Friday, Jan. 6th / 7:30-9pm

Mantra Music New Year Celebration!

Open your heart and feel the bliss of 2023! Live Mantra Music of the Bhakti and Nāda “sound” Yoga tradition facilitated by kirtaniyas Radha Rose & Josh Klein. Bija, “seed sound” mantras, will be chanted in unison as a vocal toning meditation with a variety of instruments – including crystal singing bowls and Shruti drone – to invoke the deep vibrational sound potencies of divine mantras to Ganesha, Lakshmi, Shiva, Radha-Krishna, Buddhist Green Tara & more. This musical journey will steadily evolve into an ecstatic kirtan “call-and-response” experience that is guaranteed to elevate your spirit into a blissed-out state of being, feeling a lasting fullness from within.

Please RSVP by pre-paying $20-30 (sliding scale) via Venmo or Cashapp @theradharose. Cash payment can also be made after the event according to your level of post-shanti satisfaction! Tulsi tea and props will be provided. You will also receive a mantra guide sheet to take home with you as a gift. Happy New Year!


Cacao Ceremony: Dec. 18th/ 5pm

Cacao is a gentle yet powerful plant medicine that invites us to become more fully embodied as it teaches us how to let go of the ways we are holding ourself back. When used in a ceremonial setting, the benefits are exponential.

Within the container of ceremony you will:
• Learn a bit of background info about cacao
• Connect with cacao and the essence of the plant medicine through meditation.
• Be given a mug of cacao to sip throughout our time together
• Integrate breath work, guided meditation, meditative journaling and group sharing (if you feel called)

Cacao not only offers medicine and healing at the spiritual and energetic level. But, it also offers great physical benefit as well. Carrying impressive amounts of antioxidants, nutrients and neurochemicals that promote bliss, restoration and self remembrance. Integrating this plant medicine into a weekly routine, amplifies its benefits and allows for the continual unfolding and anchoring of the healing properties.
Cacao facilitates:
-Heightened somatic awareness
-Access to our body’s wisdom
-Emotional release and processing
Integration of lessons and teachings
-An activation of remembering and access to self- knowledge
-Opens and clears creative and energetic channels

Join us in at solstice season as we gather in ceremony to share cacao and create a safe container for deep healing of the heart, mind, body and soul. I look forward to sharing this space with you!

Facilitator Lexa Tavernier is a brain cancer survivor who is inspired by her own healing and uses that as motivation to help others heal. She is a passionate, nurturing soul who specializes in Holistic stress reduction through Energy Healing, Yoga, Mediation, Herbalism, Sound Healing, Somatic Trauma Work and the art of gemstone resonance. She has a compassionate love for all of humanity and has an insatiable drive to share practices that help people heal their nervous system.

Please pre-reserve so we can have cacao prepared for you:
or Fb message


FREE INTRO to BELLYDANCE: Wed, Sept. 28th!

This class with Sonya is a great first step into the world of bellydance!
We will focus on isolations and muscular control, which is the foundation for any dance stylization. Suitable for all fitness levels, this class is for anyone who wants to move and have fun while learning a new movement practice. See you on the dance floor…let’s shimmy!

Wednesdays 6-7pm
FREE INTRO Sept. 28th! 6 week course 10/5-11/9 ($84) Please pre-register: -or- (706) 613-1143

Instructor: Sonya Finlay first came to love Bellydance after taking a class at Sangha in the spring of 2010.  Immediately smitten, she began her journey by taking classes and workshops over the next 12 years.  She is a member of the troupes Haraka Thar, Intisam, and the Rak Sat.  All making their home at Sangha.  She has studied under the tutelage of Mahsati and Samira, and also been lucky enough to attend workshops with some of the greatest dancers of today.  She is happy to be teaching and sharing her knowledge and excitement about Belly Dance with new students in the newly created troupe Haya Jamal.


Thursday, Oct. 20th-Sunday, Oct. 23rd

Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse: The Path to Empowerment with Tracey, Wyatt, LPC

This three-day retreat will focus on the steps toward recovery from narcissistic abuse and how to utilize the narcissistic wound as the catalyst for a path to empowerment. This workshop is the culmination of several years of constructing a program that honors the depth of the narcissistic wound and the multi-layered approach to healing that is required.

​Facilitator Tracey Wyatt, LPC has been a therapist for over a decade and works with all ages. She is trained in a variety of models heavily informed by Internal Family Systems model of therapy which she  began practicing 12 years ago, both personally and professionally. She currently practices at the HEaling Arts Centre.

For more information about this retreat in Robbinsville, NC:


Saturday, August 20th / 3-5pm

For 1000’s of years Cacao ceremonies have been performed by the indigenous tribes of Central America. Mayan spiritual elders say that the Cacao Spirit was one of the most powerful deities in ancient Mayan cosmology. It was considered to be the ‘Food of the Gods’. Indigenous myth states that when the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts, returning the planet to a state of harmony.
Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Whether through the use of mantras as with the Hindis, the Icaros (medicine melodies) of various Indigenous peoples from Central and South America, or Pythagoras’ use of interval and frequency, these various techniques all have the same intention: to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.

Please join facilitators Rosemary Kimble and Emily Salguero for a heart stimulating event with two of the most ancient modailites for healing on the planet, Cacao and Sound. In this ceremony we will each set our own intentions, inviting cacao and sound to co-facilitate in opening our hearts and bringing us to a state of harmony with our souls in order to create the best reality possible for ourselves and our future world.  Saturday, August 20th from 3-5pm. $20 at the door.


Saturday, March 12th / 10-11:45am

Energy Medicine Yoga

EM Yoga marries YOGA and the time-honored, ancient teachings of ENERGY MEDICINE.
This practice is designed to boost the immune system and calm emotions as you learn to trace meridians and tap energy points on your body while practicing yoga. You do not need yoga experience to attend.
Donna Eden started teaching Energy Medicine classes in the late 1970s. Since then, her work has touched millions of people across the globe, introducing them to the healing and restorative power of their body’s own energies. Energy Medicine Yoga integrates Yoga and Eden’s Energy Medicine to greatly increase your strength, health and resiliency. Kandy Duke is the only certified instructor of Energy Medicine Yoga in Athens. This practice can amplify the benefits of your yoga practice without increasing the time devoted to it. For beginners and experts alike; fits in to any yoga style.
Must pre-register by Thurs., March 10th: OR Fb message OR
(706) 613-1143. ($35/Individual or $60/ Twosome)
FREE 30 min. Energy Assessments:
March 11th/ 10-5pm
This will help you know where your attention is needed and assist you in maximizing the workshop. The appointments are first come/first served and are reserved for those registered for the workshop (or participants who did this workshop previously but assessment times were already booked).
Assessment appointments must be made directly with Kandy Duke:

Friday, March 11th / 5:30-6:45pm

MOVEMENT as MEDICINE is a new monthly FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR class in Sangha! Yep, this special event is about moving in ways that make you happy!

Movement as Medicine is an inspirational combination of breath work, yoga, body weight conditioning, and improvisational movement. The intention of this class is to help you align your physical and energetic self for your healthiest you. All fitness levels are welcome! Come as you are, and gently move towards your own functional goals.

If you have one, please bring a yoga mat to help pad the floor for your comfort, and wear comfortable clothes that you allow you to move freely. (Studio has mats to borrow, if needed.)
COST: $18/ individual or $30/ twosome
Instructor: Mahsati first fell in love with dance at Sangha Yoga Studio many years ago. She continued her dance education through the Salimpour School, where she is currently certified as Level 2 in both Suhaila and Jamila formats. Through the school, she is also a member of Bal Anat, the longest running dance troupe in the world. She continues to study with teachers from all stylizations and from all over the world. Mahsati is excited to share her love of dance, music, and the connection of people to themselves and others with her students.

Saturday, Oct. 23rd / 2-5pm

Open Air Yoga Studio GARDEN PARTY!

In response to Covid and doing our best to offer the safest possible practice space, Sangha Yoga Studio now has classes on the lawn alongside the Middle Oconee River in Beechwood Hills!160220546_1582168935302165_6066617067924541067_n
Our outdoor studio is located on 2 private residential acres just 3 miles from the Healing Arts Centre. With lots of flat lawn surrounded by bamboo forest and trails alongside the river, our open air studio can safely accommodate many students. We want you to check out the space we have to offer, and come have some fun with us!
48110930_950534135132318_5636901781498757120_nOur GARDEN PARTY will feature an open air exhibit of the latest works by visiting artist Debby Bloom. Raised in Northern California and then living in Alaska for many years, her paintings embrace the warm sensibilities of the beach and also the cold, wild extremes of the very far North. We are so very fortunate that she is coming to share her art and good cheer with us!
Art & Festivities start at 2pm with an easy FREE YOGA CLASS! The fun will continue with cornhole, horseshoes, trail walks, rivertime by the fire pit, food & drink! Please RSVP for address.


A book release on the first night of Navratri!

You are invited to the launch of the 2nd edition of


Editors Suzanne Keifer & Rita Mathew

Thursday, October 7th from 6pm – 7pm* (5:30pm Navratri introduction)

Healing Arts Centre, 834 Prince Avenue, Athens GA.

 Program is OUTDOORS, Free and Open to All!

If you are motivated to explore the benefits of being in tune with the rhythms of nature, building community and reaching your true potential, this book offers many ideas. 240 local and international recipes, beautiful artwork by award-winning artists, practical tips, and evocative poetry, it focuses on seasons that are based not just on a calendar, but on cycles of life as sources of nourishment.

In addition to food and festivities, there will be talks on: Environmental Stewardship by Keith Delaplane, MBE, Professor, Walter B. Hill Fellow & Honey Bee Program Director, Paul Matthews, PhD, Associate Director of the University of Georgia Office of Service-Learning (OSL),  Nancy Stangle, Co-Founder, Athens Land Trust,  Virginia Nazarea, PhD, Professor Emerita Department of Anthropology.

The first edition sold out within months of being on the market, and we raised $4500 for educational programs at the Athens Clarke County Extension.

Proceeds from the sale of the 2nd edition will benefit Athens Land Trust, whose “mission is to improve quality of life for all by preserving, protecting, and strengthening the fabric of the community through education and the stewardship of land for purposes of affordable housing, conservation, agriculture, and economic development”.

* From 5:30-6:45pm author Rita Mathew will be giving a little chat introducing Navratri (Nine Nights of Transformation) and the significance of this book launch being on the inauguration evening of Navratri.



Saturday, April 25th, 2020

Elise Witt’s Impromptu Glorious Chorus™…starring YOU!
Low pressure, High pleasure!
Singers of all abilities, styles, and experience are welcome!
No music reading required!
Elise leads a session of glorious group singing, teaching in a style so easy that, before you know it, the room is in perfect harmony!
Drawing from her love of diverse melodies and rhythms, Elise may introduce a Brazilian samba, an Italian round, or four-part harmonies from Zimbabwe. There are lots of songs in English, including songs from the African American tradition, quirky rounds, food songs, Bobby McFerrin style Circle Songs, Elise originals, and lots more. All of the songs are broken down into easily learnable parts and become thrilling to sing in a group. Whether you’ve sung all your life or think you “can’t carry a tune in a bucket,” in no time at all, you’ll find yourself part of an Impromptu Glorious Chorus™.
$25-85 sliding scale (please be affordable & generous)

Thursday, April 16th

This Yamuna Body Rolling class with Kandy Duke class will focus on areas difficult to reach with yoga.
 ~ Thursday, April 16th/ 5:30-7pm/ $30 ~
Supplies Limited, Pre-registration required:
(706) 613-1143 or
Yamuna® Body Rolling is a self-care and self-conditioning technique that uses specialized therapy balls to therapeutically access specific body parts. Yamuna is able to address multiple layers of tissue, including skin, fascia, muscle and bone, as well as working with connective tissues, internal organs, and the nervous system. Once learned, a routine on the ball is yours for a lifetime of maintenance and healing!
HOW YAMUNA WORKS: Yamuna routines involve rolling the body on a therapy ball in specific ways. Using a ball and controlled body weight, the entire muscle is stimulated from origin to insertion as well as all the tendons and tissue in between. As the body rolls, deep breathing brings a relaxation response, allowing tension to release and the weight of the body to sink therapeutically into the ball.
Yamuna body rolling offers a complete form of stretching by directly and evenly stimulating tendons and muscle fibers. Conventional stretching lengthens fibers mainly in one direction only and potentially creates microtears in the muscle. Therapy balls, however, are able to stretch fibers lengthwise, crosswise, and diagonally without the risk of microtears.
This supports the overall health of the tissues, increases movement throughout the
entire muscle, and ultimately allows the body to move more freely.
Kandy is a certified Health Coach and is trained to teach classes in Pilates Mat, Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) including Foot Fitness with Foot Wakers and Foot Savers, as well as Individual Table Session YBR. She is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Healing Touch International Practitioner, and both a Table and Face YBR Practitioner. She has additional training in Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Level II and Somatoemotional Release, Level II.

Thursday, Jan. 16th / 5:45-7pm

“Use our Voices to cultivate more Peace in the World”
5:45-7pm / $15-$25 sliding scale
50 minutes/by appointment:
“Sound Healing is the intentional use of Sound and Vibration to create ease in the Mind, Body and Spirit.
Sound is Medicine, and I am a Medicine Woman. In my practice I use my Voice, Hand Drum, Rattle, and Bells to move stuck energy through your body, creating opportunity for Wellness, Clarity and Release.
This ancient, indigenous Healing modality is rapidly being rediscovered, as more people become aware of how the body responds to Sound. The human body is made up of about 60 – 90 trillion cells, which carry about 70% percent water. Sound travels through water almost 5 times faster then it does though air, this makes Sound an excellent method for penetrating the body on a cellular level as our bodies have an immediate response to Sound. Sound Healers harmonize the cells in the body. Yes, this is Science, and my work is rooted in Divine Love, also know as Spirit. 
“My offering of Sound Medicine is rooted in Love and guided by Grace. I am awed, again and again, by the cathartic effect of focused Sound on the body, and I am grateful to be a vessel for this Potent, Powerful energy work. I step aside and allow this Grace to come through me. Particular to each individual, there is instruction for self care, releasing destructive patterns, and an invitation to begin (or deepen) a daily active practice of being embodied. Sound Healing is everything from listening to the Wind talk through the trees, to your inner narrative. I teach folk how to use the Sound of their voice to bring themselves to the present moment, where life is happening.” gina
Gina began performing at age 15, singing back up for the incomparable Phyllis Hyman​. Since, gina has toured all over the world with artists who, like herself, define and redefine genre; Harry Belafonte, Toshi Reagon, Ronny Jordan, Ani Difranco, Craig Harris, and Sekou Sundiata, to name a few.
She calls her music Folksoul, a coalescence of Rhythm & Blues, with story telling cadences of Folk, Soul, and the gospel truth. Folksoul is music that lifts the Spirit, opens the heart and allows one to find their way. Breathing into the Sound of this woman’s voice,​ gina embodies healing artistry.​ A​n ​actress​ as well​, gina created the role of “Sarabi” for the Broadway production of “The Lion King”​, and also​ appears in ​​2 Spike Lee films, ​”Living Da Dream” for NBA 2k16 and “Chiraq“.

Friday, Oct. 11th / 7-8:30pm

with David Sloves, CMT and Sarah Jenness, CPT, RYT
FRIDAY, Oct. 11th / 7-8:30pm ($25)
Sound Journey with David and Sarah is a blissful intersection of energy healing, guided meditation and multi-instrumental sound therapy.
They developed this core program in Bali as a way to help people feel into themselves and increase/release energy. The session begins with a brief introduction and some gentle group vocal exercises. Then the class lays back in a supported savasana, or any position that is comfortable, for a 45-minute sound journey.
With guided meditation and acoustic sounds, David and Sarah lead the group from root to crown and back down, resolving in the heart. They take the instruments around the room around and over the participants, giving individual healing attention.
David Sloves is certified in Sound, Voice and Music Healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). A graduate of Integral Yoga Institute, Sarah Jenness also completed Piedmont Yoga’s Iyengar-inspired Advanced Studies Training, and is a certified “Relax and Renew” restorative yoga teacher through Judith Lasater’s accredited program. She has studied with Anodea Judith, PhD since 2006 and is a certified Sacred Centers Chakra Yoga Teacher.
Sarah and David have held workshops in Bali and coast to coast around the U.S., including Nashville, New York City, Woodstock, Chicago, Madison, Kripalu Yoga Center, Bhakti Fest and all over the SF Bay Area.

Saturday, Oct. 12th / 9-11am

GENTLE RESTORATIVE YOGA & Live Healing Sounds with David and Sarah / Saturday, Oct. 12th / 9-11am ($30)
Restorative asana yoga uses props to support the body and promote much-needed deep relaxation and healthy physiology. Measurable benefits include a reduction in blood pressure, blood sugar, and serum triglyceride levels; improved digestion and elimination; and a reduction of muscle tension throughout the body. Immeasurable benefits include stillness, spaciousness, and a deepened sense of compassion for yourself and others.
Restorative yoga allows the inner intelligence of our bodies to restore and rejuvenate. Himalayan and crystal bowls, as well as other live healing sounds, will be included in this workshop to enhance deep relaxation.
Sarah Jenness, CPT, RYT is a graduate of Integral Yoga Institute. She has also completed Piedmont Yoga’s Iyengar-inspired Advanced Studies Training, and is a certified “Relax and Renew” restorative yoga teacher through Judith Lasater’s accredited program. She has studied with Anodea Judith, PhD since 2006 and is a certified Sacred Centers Chakra Yoga Teacher.
David Sloves, CMT, is a Certified Sound Therapist, Massage Therapist and Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner. He is also certified in Sound, Voice and Music Healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). With an inherent peaceful nature and genuine sensitivity for others, David has a unique ability to facilitate healing.

Community Drumming Circle & Fundraiser

FRIDAY, JUNE 7th / 5:30-7pm / $ Donations

You are invited to this festive Community Drum Circle in support of Drumming For Success, a motivational youth program created by Dr. Arvin Scott more than 2 decades ago! Drumming for Success makes learning how to drum accessible to under funded children. Benefits in the program include increased ability to focus & concentrate, improved self-esteem, stronger skills in math & science, improved self confidence, expanded creativity, improved problem solving skills in academic & social settings, reduced stress, and other qualities that attribute to well-being & success in life. It is a huge victory for our community.

A selection of Dr. Scott’s signed percussion instruments will raffled off to add to the fun, excitement, and generosity of the event. (Oh, and this gathering will be on Arvin’s birthday…lets celebrate!)

There is no drum circle admission charge. 100% of all donations will directly go towards sponsoring children in the Drumming for Success program. Lets put our hands and hearts together for the children of Athens!

Dr. Arvin Scott is a multi-award winning percussion artist, youth program developer/coordinator, and educator with over three decades of national and international experience. Dr. Scott was on the faculty at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and was guest faculty at The New England Conservatory before relocating to his present home in Athens, GA. where he has taught at the University of Georgia’s Hugh Hodgson School of Music since 1991.

AMRITA YOGA WORKSHOP: Tuesday, May 14th / 5:30-8:30pm

Accessible to all (even beginners), this mini Yoga retreat/workshop 5:30-8:30pm ($30) will take the place of Sangha’s Tuesday evening classes.
PLEASE pre-register asap to reserve, limited space: Meghan (706)613-1143, or SANGHA@HEALINGARTSCENTRE.NET
This auspicious experience will include asana, breathing techniques, and more…giving us tools to navigate stress more gracefully. PLEASE pre-register asap to reserve, limited space: Meghan (706)613-1143.
Amrita Yoga® was born from the divine resolve and unconditional compassion of renowned spiritual leader, humanitarian, Maha Yogini, Satguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma). A traditional school of Hatha Yoga upholding Vedic principles, Amrita Yoga incorporates Amma’s teachings and integrates the four different paths of yoga, cultivating physical, mental and spiritual upliftment. Focusing on awareness with heart-centered intention, the goal is to transcend the
physical asana practice to deepen your own self-awareness and the inter-connectedness of all life.
Brahmacharini Shobana, PHD, is an award-winning yoga practitioner and teacher who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of authentic yoga as a monastic in Amma’s ashram. Under Amma’s direct guidance, as director of Amrita Yoga® since 2004 she has taught more than 2000 workshops, classes and retreats to people from all over the world. Specializing in bridging the gap between ancient traditional Eastern practice and the practical needs of yoga in the West, Bri. Shobana is one of only 12 members on the Indian government’s Committee for Yoga Education, which forms the curriculum courses in Indian universities.


The Blissful Practice of Mantra Meditation is a 9 week course: 
Saturdays 12-1pm / Feb. 9th-April 6th with Brother Shankara ($99 suggested donation)
Call Sangha to Pre-Register: (706) 613-1143
The purpose of this class is to enable you to manifest your inborn Divinity — your birthright. You do this by practicing the Presence of the Divine in the form of sound (shabda Brahman). Every authentic mantra is this Presence. Slowly and slowly you learn to feel that Living Presence, and you come to understand that Presence is you yourself, no different. Over years of steady practice, your sense of yourself and your life here in the world are radically transformed. You find that to be fully human is to be fully Divine.
Nine class sessions-
Sessions 1-4: Your Qualifications and Practices as A Spiritual Aspirant
“For every one step forward spiritually, you must take two steps forward morally and ethically.” — Swami Yatiswarananda, Vice President, Ramakrishna Order of India
Session 5: Selection and Affirmation of Your Mantra
“Various are Thy Names O Lord, in each and every Name Thy power resides.”
— From the Prayer of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (each class will begin with this prayer)
Sessions 6-9: How to Use Your Mantra, and What to Expect from Mantra Meditation
“The chosen ideal is you yourself, no different. Learn to feel that Living Presence!”
— Swami Prabhavananda’s first instruction for meditation
Text: How to Know God (a selection of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) by Swami Prabhavananda, Ramakrishna Order of India .
Instructor: Br. Shankara is a disciple of Swami Prabhavananda. He has studied spiritual practice under Prabhavanandaji and other swamis of the Ramakrishna Order since 1973, and was ordained a monk by Swami Swahananda in 2010. Brother currently serves as head of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Ashrama of Georgia ( He recently retired as Resident Minister of the Vedanta Center of Atlanta, after eight years of service.

Spiritual Growth Course
Fridays with Uma Rose: Feb. 1st-22nd / 5:30-6:45pm
4 weeks/$48, & no one will be turned away.45746835_1927859033926788_1832724697674940416_n
For 50 years, Uma Laura Rose has joyfully assisted people in opening their hearts, minds and bodies to the healing power of pure consciousness. Her experience will guide us in inquiry and discussions to help deepen our understanding of Self & Self-Realization.
Please call Sangha to pre-register by 1/30: (706) 613-1143

Insight Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

Friday, November 2nd -Sunday, November 4th
with John Orr
* Learn Mindfulness (Insight) Meditation
* Receive Instruction and Practice in Sitting, Standing & Walking Meditation
* Become Aware and Comfortable with your Body, Thoughts and Emotions
* Learn How to Develop a Daily Meditation Practice
* Suitable for Beginners and Those with Previous Experience
Friday, 7-8:30pm
Introductory Talk: Bringing Mindfulness Into Your Life (suggested donation $10-$15)
All are encouraged to attend.
Saturday & Sunday Retreat: Instruction & Practice of Mindfulness Meditation.
9:30am-4:30 pm ($75/daily)
(Beginners are encouraged to attend Saturday if scheduling requires them to choose btwn Saturday or Sunday.)
Sponsored by and held at Sangha Yoga Studio, located within the Healing Arts Centre
834 Prince Avenue/ Athens, GA 30606
For more information about the weekend program email or call Sangha Yoga Studio in Athens at (706) 613-1143 or
John Orr received Theravada Buddhist ordination while living in Thailand and India as a monk for 8 years in the 1970’s. He has been teaching dharma and meditation since then. John is an Interfaith Minister and the guiding teacher for the New Hope Sangha in Durham, North Carolina. He recently retired from teaching 31 years at Duke University.
More about John: