Healing Arts Centre

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Providing Sacred Space for Transformation and Assisting Others in their Personal Evolution.

After years of listening to the community’s desire (as well as her own) for a holistic healing center, Meghan Burke created the Healing Arts Centre…


Some of the original staff of Remedy in Beechwood.

Burke opened Remedy Herbal Pharmacy in Beechwood Shopping Center in 1992 to provide the community with alternative approaches to healing and wellness. Knowing experientially that college years are not always the healthiest, she wanted to provide the students, as well as the entire community, with a resource center.
As global awareness of alternative medicine grew and allopathic (western) and naturopathic medicine began supplementing one another, Remedy evolved in order to continue addressing the changing needs of health care and to better serve the community.


Upon purchase in 2000

Opened in the summer of 2000, the Healing Arts Centre is the culmination of this evolution. At the time of opening, it is was the only center of its sort in the southeastern United States.


Transforming Jittery Joes into Sangha


In addition to Remedy, the Healing Arts Centre houses Sangha Yoga Studio which offers over 20 classes weekly in all styles of movement. Studio classes include Yoga, Pilates, Bellydance, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Yamuna Ball Rolling, holistic workshops and more.

Sangha Yoga Studio and Yamuna Ball Rolling.

Sangha Yoga Studio and Yamuna Body Rolling.




The yoga studio is also an art gallery featuring a a rotation of local artwork. As well as the moving and visual arts, the studio also offers candlelight concerts for people who enjoy earlier, live, acoustic music without the distractions found in usual music venues.

Lara Oshon and Louis Romano Candlelight Concert

Lara Oshon and Louis Romano Candlelight Concert


The Healing Arts Centre is home to 8 different therapists offering complementary medicine. The therapies include Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Massage Therapy (several styles including Sports Massage), Kinesio Taping, Reiki, Counseling (several styles, including Brain Mapping, Biofeedback, and EMDR), and private Yoga therapy.

There are many roads to wellness at the Healing Arts Centre…join us on the journey.

The Healing Arts Centre 2020

The Healing Arts Centre 2020