Herbs for your Physical and Emotional Heart

Going beyond its mere blood-pumping physical properties, the heart is a complex, profoundly important organ in the body. The heart has its own electromagnetic field, which extends beyond even the brain’s electromagnetic field. We’ve discussed the “gut brain” at length, that most primal intelligence which is home to “gut feelings;” the “brain” brain, home to logical thinking. The heart’s intelligence is that of emotional intelligence. Both emotional and physical health depend on each other; without an optimally functioning physical heart, the physical body suffers, thereby affecting the emotional body, and vice versa.

For the physical heart, there are many herbal tonics that serve as superior alternatives to harmful pharmaceuticals (see the link at the bottom of this article for info on the side effects of statins). Guggul Cholesterol Compound is an Ayurvedic formula that eliminates excess cholesterol through proper bile release. Arjuna Cardio Comfort  contains both Guggul for healthy cholesterol and Arjuna for proper blood pressure. Neprinol is a systemic enzyme complex that breaks down fibrin in the blood stream, which is the sticky scar tissue protein by-product of excessive inflammation. More recent studies show the source of cardiovascular disease (and ALL disease in fact) is inflammation, not cholesterol levels. We recommend Neprinol for everything from psoriasis to arthritis to heart disease.

For the emotional heart, the most effective herb is Hawthorn, which works on both the physical and emotional heart. Hawthorn is traditionally taken for high blood pressure, but also works on an overactive heart center for ADD or hyperactivity in children, as well as helping cope with grief from loss or heartache. Herbalist & Alchemist’s Hawthorn Solid Extract is a delicious, nutritive medicinal jam with more live, active constituents than a capsule or liquid extract. Grief Relief contains Mimosa, or the “happiness tree” as well as Rose, one of the most powerful herbs known for its “heart opening” qualities.

Remedy Herb Shop is here to help you maintain your healthiest heart- physically and emotionally. Please also consider following this link for information on Heart Math, a technique of heart-centered breathing for fostering emotional intelligence: http://consciouslifenews.com/scientific-evidence-heart-intelligent-electromagnetic-field-generator-thinks


Scientific Evidence: The Heart is an Intelligent Electromagnetic Generator That Thinks

Heart Math Institute