Iris Signs & Markings ~ Toxicity

Your eyes are indeed the window to the soul, as well as the cesspool!

The following are signs in the iris that denote toxicity in the corresponding tissues of the body. Dis-ease is the body’s alarm call, notifying you of what needs to eliminated!

Stomach Ring – Appears as a darker circle just outside the pupil. If it shows in the Iris, it reveals poor digestion, which leads to poor assimilation, nutritional deficiencies and eventually – rundown feeling. If the discoloration bleeds into other areas of the iris, thus those toxins are leeching into other adjacent tissues from the stomach.

Cholesterol Ring – when the health of the arteries is compromised, the iris will show this white opaque ring, which is associated with mineral imbalance in the body, calcium out of solution, high cholesterol and high triglycerides level in the blood; high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.


The Lymphatic Rosary – shows as a string of pearls, or a Rosary when lymph in the body is really backed up and is not doing its job of waste and toxins removal.  Move that lymph!

Radii Solaris – These resemble rays of the sun when visualized in the iris.  These are indications of an inherent weakness in the bowel area.  This type of weakness allows toxins from the bowel to more easily influence the tissues into which the radii solaris extend, as shown on the eye chart.  When these are seen in the iris, it means extra care needs to be taken to keep the bowel clean with proper diet and colon care.  Those with radii solaris are prone to parasites, sinus problems, toxic headaches and other toxic symptoms.

Bowel Pockets – partially digested food ferments and putrefies, causing gas and bloating, piling up plaque along the walls of intestines, backing up your colon and creating gas pockets that doctors call diverticulum which are the potential seedbeds of intestinal problems.



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