Management of Springtime Vata

With the blowing winds of Spring, it is wise to keep a finger on the pulse of how this element effects us internally. VATA is the Ayurvedic indication for the body type primarily influenced by the element air. Vata is basically cool, dry, light and mobile in qualities. Therefore, it is kept in balance by a therapy which is warming, moistening, and promotes grounding. Such therapy will also calm hyperactivity of body and mind.

Vata is the energy of movement, or Prana, that is part of everything in creation. Vata contains the ether and air elements, space and movement. It is predominantly located in the colon, thighs, hips, ears, bones, and the organs of hearing and touch. Its primary site is the colon. Vata governs assimilation and elimination.

 Vitamineral Earth™ (“Earth™”) is a  foundational, therapeutic, hard-core, primal, whole food herbal superfood complex for deep nourishment and balance. It is the ideal food supplement to balance the elements of Spring by providing a nutritionally grounding effect for body and mind.

There is no other superfood like it.  Earth™ is an incredibly powerful, deeply grounding, nourishing, healing, and regenerative superfood. Earth™ nutritionally supports blood sugar, colon, detoxification, the immune system, and longevity. Earth™ contains the Essiac herbs-thought to be so detoxifying that cancer is reversed. Green foods are critically important and so too are Earth™ botanicals. Earth™ can be used on its own and is also the perfect counterbalance to any green superfood (like Vitamineral Green™). The roots, barks, spices, and other healing botanicals in Earth™ will nourish at a deep level. Earth™ can be taken raw as a sun tea or sprinkled on food. It can also be used in a smoothie, but it has a unique, savory flavor that lends itself better to soups and broths.

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