Movement boosts Immunity

Well, honestly beloveds i don’t know what the best move is here right now in this Coronavirus chess game but i do know that it would bruise my heart to think that Sangha was in any way involved in unknowingly transmitting a virus.
I love you all dearly, you are my chosen family, and I want you safe. So as hard as it is for a small business to take the financial hit in closing down, your health and well-being are my north star. For now, Sangha will simply be closed this week (Mon 3/16-Thurs 3/19) and we will follow the professional’s guidance from there and keep you posted.┬áKeep your practice strong at home-the world needs the clear seeing/calm abiding that Yoga and Meditation cultivate.

Yes, the studio is closed this week but your commitment to radiant health is wide open! The moving arts provide some of our greatest medicine and we must keep our home practice alive, more now than ever. Yoga detoxifies, strengthens the immune system, and calms the mind. All of these create an unfavorable environment for viral replication. This community, and the world, need you to practice. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.