Nourish, Renew, Revitalize this Spring!

The Vernal Equinox, when the spin of the earth here in the Northern Hemisphere tilts back toward the sun, is a day of true Samasthiti or Tadasana as the day and night are equal in duration at 12 hours each. Spring is the season to slough off the weight of winter and sprout new growth. Like the first shoots nudging their heads out of the ground, we emerge from slumber and begin the process of expansion. In practice, we recommend twisting poses, wringing and flushing out the stagnating effects of winter. It is a good time of year to regenerate every cell in your body through slow steady practice. Through pranayama and asana,we build a protective layer that helps ward off wind invasion and the pollen of spring. Here is to the emergence of hope, possibility and strength this time of the year.

Tias Little, Founder of Prajna Yoga