Sangha Payment & Policy

The Healing Arts Centre honors the tradition of removing shoeshands before entering the studio. This is a humble gesture of respect for the sacred space in which we practice. Thank you for joining us in this simple expression of reverence. And Thank You for arriving to class on time.

We welcome you to join any on-going classes at any time. The prices are as follows:

6 classes completed in 6 weeks: $90 ($15/class)

6 classes completed in 7 weeks: $96 ($16/class)

6 classes completed in 8 weeks: $102 ($17/class)

6 class punch cards are with one instructor.

Image-1Gold Card: 20 classes in 10 weeks ($15/class) with any ($300).

Mini Gold Card: 10 classes in 10 weeks ($15/class) with any instructor ($150).

Drop-ins: $18

Choose how many classes you will complete in what period of time and we will then issue you a punch card at the corresponding price. We gladly accept cash, local checks, all credit cards, and VENMO (you scan and pay on this page, to the left). The expiration date on the card will be sincerely honored, yet if you pay for 6 classes in 6 weeks and it ends up taking 7 or 8 weeks, you simply pay the difference to extend the expiration date. We are happy to work with you as long as you work with us. Punch cards are not transferable.

Punch cards are kept in the Sangha office…one less thing for you to keep track of in this hectic paced life. When you come to class you simply get your own card from the punch card boxes, sign yourself in (PRINT PLEASE), and hand your punch card to the receptionist.

Gift Certificates are available for purchase at whatever amount desired…share the Love.

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