Recalibrate your Supplement Regimen…Mix it up to best serve your body!

What supplements are you taking right now? How long have you been taking them? It might be time to switch it up! Of course, everyone’s body, regimen, and nutritional needs are unique to only them. Here are some of the most common things our first-time customers are already taking, and what we recommend they use instead:


Often one of our first questions is “Are you taking a multi?” Then of course we ask, “What kind?” Some of the least expensive multivitamins are usually synthetic and actually a waste of money because these vitamins go right through you without accomplishing much. We recommend MegaFood’s Women or Men’s Multivitamins because they are derived from whole foods & absorb in the body more like real food would.


Melatonin is probably the most common natural sleep aid that your average supplement-taker consumes. This is a problem, because melatonin is best used on a very short-term, occasional basis. Because it is a hormone, over-consumption of melatonin can throw your other hormones off balance, and even disrupt sleep further by taking too much. Melatonin is best left for rare jetlag occasions, and instead we recommend Glycine, an amino acid and inhibitory neurotransmitter that relaxes the lower back and mind, both at night for sleep and during the day for focus and concentration. Herbal Sleep is another sleep product combining the well-balanced energies of Valerian, Passionflower and Hops. For many people, sleep is hard to come by because they are actually undernourished. Vital Adapt is an adaptogenic tonic that nourishes the body and especially the nervous system, so that you have the strength it takes to get a good night sleep.


Most probiotics you find measure their merit by how many millions or even billions of strains they contain. Because these probiotics are transient, it is unnecessary to bombard your GI tract with many billions of foreign strains, and can in fact upset your stomach further. We carry both Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, a fermentate that makes for a proper pH and environment for your own endogenous bacteria, as well as Nature’s Sunshine Bifidophilus, which contains a more reasonable amount of bacteria strains!


Everyone is deficient in magnesium. Yet unfortunately, sometimes your magnesium isn’t bioavailable enough to make much of a difference. Magnesium oil is one of the best, most absorbable forms of magnesium that absorbs transdermally through the skin, directly into tight, sore muscles and the blood stream. It’s best when used as a foot soak, as the feet are readily permeable. Taking magnesium internally is still advised, but perhaps you should try a different chelate. Try Nature’s Sunshine Magnesium Complex or Blue Bonnet’s Chelated Magnesium to see the difference in your muscles, moods and bowel movements.


We have so many things to recommend to you! Come to us with your existing regimen, and we will guide you to a fresh, most effective one! We should aspire to get all the essential nutrients we can, and what better way then to mix things up a bit! Change for spring!