Regulating Weight & Improving Digestion

Are you feeling sluggish, bloated, stuck at a weight loss plateau, or craving sugar? Then you may need digestive bitters. As Ann Louise Gittleman says, “bitters build better bile and boost your fat burning metabolism.”

Bile is “liquid gold”, a unique and aqueous secretion of the liver that is vital to survival- so much so that the body reabsorbs 95% of its own production! Bile allows us to emulsify dietary fats, facilitates their intestinal absorption, and is the major route for the elimination of cholesterol, toxic metabolites, and xenobiotics. But that’s not all.

Recently scientists discovered that bile acids can turn fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells. With a little help from our good gut bacteria, bile acids convert primary bile acids into secondary bile acids. To explain, the body has three different types of fat cells: white fat cells which store energy, brown fat cells which expend energy, and “beige” fat cells which are functionally related to brown cells. The secondary bile acids aid in converting the white cells to beige cells which then become fat burning cells instead of fat storing cells, and also increases the number of mitochondria in the new beige fat cell thus increasing their energy consumption.

Researcher Kristins Schoojans says,”We showed that bile acids are much more than a “soap for digestion”. When their concentration in the blood reaches a certain level it can turn up the thermostat and increase fat burning for energy and heat production.”

So don’t be bitter about your inability to lose weight, be relieved in knowing that Remedy has bitters and other products to aid you in your weight loss efforts and improve digestion.
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