Herbal Pharmacy

Our continued response to the Coronavirus is to be responsible.

While father pharmaceutical may not always have a direct response to viral activity, Mother Nature has been punching it out for decades. We have plenty of formulas to help strengthen resistance and build immunity in Remedy.

Remedy is a full service herbal pharmacy that has been providing the highest quality vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements to the Athens community since 1992.

One of the many important features of Remedy Herb Shop that sets us apart from on-line shopping is our personalized service, and attention to YOU specifically. We are here to listen to you and integrate your experience/circumstances into the best possible approach to your wellness.  Due to the fact that there is currently no regulation of the natural supplement industry, it is not wise to trust all manufacturers and retailers. With a staff of certified nutritionalists and herbalists, Remedy is a safe place to receive educated, nutritional guidance- face to face. Quality and potency of all products is guaranteed.

Remedy’s “Ready-To-Go” Service: Save time by calling ahead and we will have your order ready for you! Also, we provide curbside service for customers with mobility issues. If you are having a hard time getting from your car to the shop, please just call ahead so we can have your order ready for you and then once you are here, just call from the parking lot and we will bring it to you! (706) 613-0120


MANAGER: Salina Nelson
Salina Nelson graduated from the University of Georgia in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Philosophy.  In 1994, she moved with her husband to Cedartown, Ga. where they managed and operated a three-acre market garden, and grew culinary herbs, produce, and flowers for restaurants and florists in the Atlanta area.  During those six years, Salina began seriously focusing on the medicinal properties of the plants she was growing.  After moving back to Athens, Salina began working at Remedy.  She started in 2002 and became the manager in 2005.  Salina has spent the last 14 years in constant study of medicinal herbs and their applications to our health.  Nature is her muse and her long-term goal is to re-establish another organic garden, connecting people and plants directly with one another.  In Salina’s words, “Plants are marvelous to me, precious yet powerful.  If I had my way, everyone would be ingesting ample herbs daily and nothing man-made can take their place.”

Remedy’s “At your Door” Service: We are happy to ship products anywhere in the U.S, simply give us a call if you are not able to visit -we usually mail out same day!

Hours: Monday-Friday 10-6pm/ Saturdays temporarily closed

Phone: 706/ 613.0120

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