Remember to Breathe

Spring and early summer mornings are for taking big breaths of fresh air after being cooped up over the winter. Conscious breathing is crucial for mindfulness, presence and well-being. Unfortunately there is dust, dander, pollen and more floating around in the air too! Tonifying the bronchials, the lungs and the sinuses helps maximize the effectiveness of our breath and assists us in moving with greater ease in the warmth of the year. In addition to all of the yoga classes offered here at Sangha Yoga Studio, as well as the Meditation courses offered here at the Centre, Remedy has the following nutritional support to maximize the airways:

Reishi mushroom is indicated for both low and overactive immunity. In addition to being a general longevity tonic, Reishi is especially beneficial for those with allergies or asthma, as well as high cholesterol. Herbalist & Alchemist’s Respiratory Calmpound contains Reishi, as well as Licorice, Khella, Lobelia, and Gingko to soothe inflamed lungs due to asthma, bronchitis or any other irritation. We also carry Herbalist & Alchemist’s specific lung condition formulas to suit individual needs, be they hot/dry, cold/damp, etc.

Hyssop is an underappreciated herb with many uses, from antiviral action against cold, flu and intestinal viruses, as well as gas or nausea. This liquid herbal extract is an excellent remedy for knocking out that spring cold going around.

Many people might be surprised to hear the Fish Oil can be beneficial for allergies. The anti-inflammatory action of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially those high in EPA, helps combat the inflammatory nature of allergic rhinitis as well as asthma.

Quercetin is the most powerful antioxidant available, a bioflavanoid invaluable for reducing inflammation throughout the body, but especially in the sinuses, bronchials and lungs. Also an antihistamine, Quercetin is ideal for any allergic situation, as well as inflammation throughout the GI tract. When there’s inflammation, you need Quercetin.

Nature’s Sunshine encapsulates traditional formulas for lung health, both Ayurvedic Bronchial Formula and Chinese Lung Formula provide general, nourishing support to respiratory help with the convenience of capsules.

When you give your lungs the nourishment they need, you can breathe with purpose, presence, and grace. We are here for you at Remedy to assist during all seasons!

Reishi by Fungi Perfecti – $29.00 for 60 caps

Respiratory Calmpound – $25.00 for 2 oz.

Hyssop – $13.00 for 1 oz.

EPA Xtra fish oil – $39.95 for 90 caps

Quercetin Strength – $30.00 for 60 tabs

Ayurvedic Bronchial Formula – $40.15 for 100 caps

Chinese Lung Support – $26.95 for 100 caps