Sangha Yoga Studio

Sangha has done its very best to navigate these last few years of global pandemic, and we THANK YOU ATHENS for your continued support! It is because of you that our doors are still open and we are offering a limited class studio schedule. We are old school and do not do registration online-just show up for class, we welcome you. Please bring your own mat, blocks, belt and blanket (whatever needed). If you need to borrow, we have it all. And disinfectant. We continue to make every effort to keep the space and all equipment sparkling clean.

Students coming for live classes are encouraged to pay through Venmo ( or Paypal (https://www.PayPal.Me/sanghayogastudio) -but if necessary, payment can indeed be processed on site.

In our on going practice of  pivoting gracefully in the direction of what life is offering, our instructors have created over 80 videos to help us stay connected to each other and our practice for those of you continuing joining us from home. Sangha YouTube Channel has our classes available to you at any time, and if you have a Smart Tv we would love to come to your living room: Sangha Yoga Studio YouTube.

We are all in this together, and that’s the good news!

The moving arts provide some of our greatest medicine and we must keep our home practice alive, more now than ever. Yoga detoxifies, strengthens the immune system, and calms the mind. All of these create an unfavorable environment for viral replication. This community, and the world, need us all to practice. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Sangha, a sanskrit word indicating spiritual community, is a sacred playground for the soul. Originally built as a place of worship in 1908, the prayers are still heard in this 1400 square foot yoga studio at the heart of the Healing Arts Centre.

photo2The studio offers an array of classes and special events that move the body to radiant wellness. The moving arts offered in Sangha include several styles of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Bellydance, Martial Arts, Yamuna, and more. Special events and guest facilitators are also offered, including Sound Healing, Singing Circles, Live music classes, Kirtan and more.


Sangha nourishes the eyes and feeds the soul as it is also an art gallery that regularly rotates its display of regional artists.303574_340007522759276_349215682_n

In addition to moving and visual arts, Sangha brings healing through the ears as well. Weekends are reserved for candlelight concerts for those who enjoy early acoustic music without the usual distractions often found in other venues.

This sacred space has had the honor of housing many special events from weddings to funerals, baby showers to baptisms…Rental inquiries are welcome. Please peruse this site to explore our offerings, or call today for a current schedule of events at our playground for the soul…
(706) 613-1143.

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