Spring Tonics of the Earth

Amongst the whirling winds of spring, the earth is sprouting the medicine you need to quell the restless, ungrounded spirit within you. The element earth is your grounding root, what holds you steady in the changing, volatile and unpredictable environment. In order to take advantage of these creative energies without losing yourself in the fray, consider these nutritious tonics that not only soothe and support your vital organs, but provide support to your mental and spiritual well being.

Dandelion is a beacon of spring, heralding abundant sunshine with its bright yellow flowers. This powerful medicine has a bad reputation as a noxious weed, but its strength and vigor is testament to the vitality it bestows upon those wise enough to eat it. Its bitter principles decongest the liver, who remains sluggish from the passing winter and aggravated by the new heat of spring. These bitter principles encourage the healthy production of bile and ease and expedite digestion. Rich in phytochemicals and vitamins, this plentiful herb is both a nutritious food, an excellent supplement, and a sustainable and responsible food choice.

Nettles are another spring arrival packed with vitamins and minerals. Herbalist Maria Treben recommends daily use of nettle tea as a tonic. It clears mucus by acting as an antihistamine, making it a valuable ally for spring allergies. It also supplies vital minerals to hair and skin, removes dampness and brightens chi. These nutrients also act on most inflammatory issues like arthritis. Nettles are a true food, both grounding and cooling for any and all constitutions.

Rooibos is a naturally sweet, earthy herb taken as a tea. It contains phenylpyretic acid which helps relieve some skin conditions, both internally and topically. Once your tea has fully steeped you can cool the tea bags before applying them to tired, puffy eyes, acne, eczema, psoriasis or any irritated skin. Its bright red pigment comes from its antioxidant content, quercetin being one of them, which is one of the strongest antioxidants in the world. Its high mineral and flavanoid content, in addition to being naturally caffeine free, makes this one of the best tea choices for daily consumption. It can be taken hot, with or without milk or a substitute for a comforting, grounding and relaxing beverage, or cooled and diluted in water for especially delicious hydration.

Cascara Sagrada is a bitter tonic herb used in promoting healthy bowel movements. Spring is the season for detoxification, and Cascara has the unparalleled ability to serve as a non-addictive laxative. It also works on the spleen, stomach and liver in addition to its colon stimulant action.

Spring is the gateway into the true new year. With ever-changing weather patterns, it can also come all at once or unexpectedly. Keeping your feet firmly planted on the earth keeps you solid in a hectic world. Remember the plants and minerals beneath your feet which offer themselves up to you to imbue your body with their strength.

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