Spring = Wood Element = Flexibility

Spring, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is associated with the element Wood-which is equated with new growth and flexibility. In addition to drinking plenty of water, which helps detoxify the liver and other organs of the body most associated with Spring, there are various herbs and supplements to consider when moving into the warmer season. These supplements assist us in moving into heat by cultivating greater flexibility. (If you have been hiding away through the winter, it’s time to get seriously reacquainted with your yoga practice as well!)

Hyaluronic acid is the fluid distributed throughout the body in connective, epithelial and neuronic tissues. This and all fluids become less prolific in the body as we age. It is especially important to maintain fluid levels in the joints for optimal cushioning and flexibility. Synthovial 7 is Hyaluronic acid administered orally to help promote healthy joints and lustrous skin and hair.

Omega-3 is another excellent total body lubricant. Healthy fats from fish oil insulate the nerves, allowing for greater conductivity in the electrical impulses of the body. Its anti-inflammatory action makes fish oil ideal for promoting healthier joints and reducing pain. Thankfully the low fat craze of the past few decades is losing momentum. Remember that you need fats to function!

Various herbs contain similar anti-inflammatory compounds. MegaFood’s Extinguish contains turmeric, black cherry, holy basil and other herbs for total body inflammation. Blue Bonnet’s Super Quercetin acts as both an anti-inflammatory as well as a potent antioxidant. These combinations can reduce pain as well as other side benefits, such as a reduction in histamine and clearer sinuses.

Solomon’s Seal is a unique herb in its huge range of compounding benefits. One of these benefits is its ability to tighten ligaments that are too loose, or loosen ligaments that are too tight. This action lends itself to any connective tissue problems, from recent or impending hip replacements to carpal tunnel syndrome. It is considered a nourishing yin tonic, promoting moisture and tonification.

These are just some of the vast range of supplements to help promote easeful flexibility. Come to Remedy Herb Shop for nourishment, and head to Sangha Yoga Studio for your spring stretch!

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