The Fundamentals of Iridology ~ Constitution

iridology-pictures1One of the most basic analyses in iridology is the strength of one’s constitution. Firstly, it is important to note that “strong” and “weak” in reference to one’s constitution does not equal “good” or “bad.” A strong constitution simply means one can endure more – more stress, abuse, or environmental assault from the stresses of life, toxins, and pathogens. This sort of person, in fact, might “burn the candle at both ends” so to speak, as in not eat or sleep properly, create and endure stressful situations, and generally abuse their body without much consequence until they break the threshold. The “strong” constitution is viewed in the iris in tight, straight fibers throughout, without much ballooning or color variations.

The “weak” constitution does not connote a “weak person,” merely an individual who is more immediately susceptible to stress, toxins, or pathogens. This individual would perhaps, for example, notice symptoms of fatigue far more readily than a stronger constitution, notice symptoms more quickly after contracting some pathogen, or become relatively more frazzled in a stressful situation. Weak constitutions are viewed in the iris with more open, “flowering” fibers throughout, with gaps or possibly varying colors.Iridology_Weak_Constitution

Regardless of the constitution, both kinds of individual must maintain their immune systems and energy stores, simply for different reasons. A strong constitutional individual should take care not to overtax themselves just because they can, and a weak constitutional individual must build up their defenses so that they might endure daily life more effectively.

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