In response to Covid-19:

We are not dancing with, nor encouraging others to dance with, Fear. We stand calmly in the center of our circle and choose Love. And here is what Love is looking like at the Healing Arts Centre…

While father pharmaceutical may not have a direct response to viral activity, Mother Nature has been punching it out for decades. Remedy has plenty of formulas to help strengthen resistance and build a healthy immune response. We are available here by phone as well as on the porch to assist you with consultations while eliminating inside traffic. Please call with your order and credit card # and we will bring your order outside to you OR mail it to your home. Cash is a germ house and we prefer not to touch it, but will if necessary. Thank you for assisting us in keeping everyone safe.
Temporary HOURS: Monday-Friday/ 11am-5pm and Saturdays 12-5pm
(706) 613-0120

Each of the Therapists of the Healing Arts Centre is an independent contractor who is solely responsible for their schedule. Please check with your Therapist to confirm/change appointments. If the back door is locked, just call your therapist and they will let you in. We are trying to avoid any waiting in the waiting area-our outside seating or your car are perhaps the safest space for now.
Namaste and Stay Well.

Yes, we are safely having indoor classes and  We need your help.
Click for schedule in upper right corner. Sangha Love looks like this, right now…
  • Size of classes is limited to 9 for safe distancing. (Our room actually comfortably holds 35 students). Some classes have been discontinued for now to limit traffic.
  • Students wash/sanitize their hands and equipment before and after class. There’s a hand sanitizing station on the front porch. There is also sanitizer available in the bathrooms- good ole soap and hot water while you sing a song.
  • Students wear masks into and out of the studio, and perhaps while doing their practice. We have read and heard about people hyperventilating or passing out from lack of oxygen and a build up of CO2 with a mask on while working out, so please stay safe within your safety.
  • Once yoga is over, please put your mask back on to walk out. Technically you can walk in, remove your shoes in the office, walk into the yoga room and put your mat down. Remove your mask. Take class. Put your mask back on and walk out without ever touching anything. Conversations can still happen as you sit on your mat. Any other socializing is done outside the studio on the sidewalk and not in the lobby. There is not enough room in the lobby to maintain safe distancing.
  • The floor is marked off where every mat is to be laid down to ensure roughly 8 feet apart in all directions. Please look for the L shape painters tape and lay the upper right corner of your mat there.
  • Students must bring their own mat, blocks, belt and blanket (whatever needed). This will be all that you bring in the studio. These items are perhaps not safe to share for now…stay tuned as we learn more.  If you really want to use one of our bolsters, we will provide a pillowcase to cover it.
  • The community water source is not available until further notice, please bring your own.
  • The studio is wiped down and floors cleaned after each class. The studio is sanitized every night.
  • Students are encouraged to pre-register/pre-pay for class prior to arriving at the studio. This will minimize contact for payment by doing it all through Venmo ( or Paypal (https://www.PayPal.Me/sanghayogastudio). Payments are made on line prior to class if able, but if necessary, checks, credit cards, and cash can be processed on site.

We are all in this together, and that’s the good news…

we love you and welcome your constructive feedback.

Lastly, our instructors have created over 80 videos to help us stay connected to each other and our practice for those of you joining us from home! Sangha YouTube Channel has our classes available to you at any time, and if you have a Smart Tv we would love to come to your living room: Sangha Yoga Studio YouTube.
The moving arts provide some of our greatest medicine and we must keep our home practice alive, more now than ever. Yoga detoxifies, strengthens the immune system, and calms the mind. All of these create an unfavorable environment for viral replication. This community, and the world, need us all to practice. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.