Jackie Shaffer, LPC

Moving through life, we may find ourselves puzzling over how we got to this moment in our personal story, questioning our ways of being, or the ways that we relate to ourselves or to others. We may wonder how to begin to heal from trauma, to find relief from depression or anxiety, or how to Portrait for Info Pageexperience lasting and meaningful growth.

I invite clients to go within to identify ways in which their life experiences may be revisiting them—maybe showing up as thoughts, feelings, sensations, beliefs, behaviors, or relationship patterns. I also work to help clients better understand and honor their whole being, and to discover their abundance of inner resources that will outlast our work together. By engaging in this collaborative, creative, and deep work, you may find your way forward with more inner freedom.

I acknowledge the courage involved in partnering with another toward healing, and honor each client’s intentions for beginning or continuing therapy.  To determine if my approach and your needs may align, I always provide a free phone consultation before beginning the therapy process.

If you have questions or interest in beginning therapy with me, please contact me by email to schedule a phone consultation at jackieshaffercounseling@gmail.com.