Meghan Madhavi Burke

Meghan Madhavi Burke is the founder of the Healing Arts Centre, Sangha Yoga Studio and Remedy Herbphoto-10 Shop. Once a member of the Georgia Naturopathic Medical Association, Meghan draws from a deep well of knowledge and experience.

00000004After years of practicing nutritional herbalism, Burke’s heart began beating most passionately for the rich inquiry that is Yoga. Upon returning from India, she began investing her energy full time into the therapeutic application of yoga. She is certified to teach all levels yoga as well as modifications for yoga therapeutics. Individualized yoga sessions with Meghan are tailored to each individual’s needs and her experiences range from PreNatal to PTSD, high blood pressure to high performance athletes. Wedding parties as well as other special event groups are most enjoyable occasions for Yoga and can be delightfully accommodated in our spacious studio.

In addition to offering private therapeutic yoga sessions, Meghan is also a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a hands-on therapy that assists the body’s energy in flowing freely. This ancient art is effective in releasing blockages, conscious or unconscious, and facilitates healing on a mental, emotional and physical level.